27 things while 27

Hooray! It’s today! October 16th, the day on which 27 years ago I was born into this world. It still feels like yesterday (but not really). I’ve been given many chances, I’ve seen many places and I’ve met even more people. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried but most of all I’ve lived. I’ts been a wonderful yet crazy roller coaster ride so far. This year I decided to do something I did when I was 18 for the last time. Make a birthday bucket list.

A lot of people think a bucket list has to contain big things. Like traveling around the world and buying a car. But I’ve come to realize over the years that small things matter, just as much as the big things, maybe even more. So I decided to throw these into the mix as well. And let’s be honest. I can’t very well buy 27 cars of travel around the world 27 times. I mean I would but my bank account won’t allow it.

1. Move away from my hometown, further west.
2. Graduate.
3. Do a short-course. Something like salsa dancing or a flower arrangement class. The sillier the better.
4. Go hug cats and dogs at the animal shelter.
5. Have a mother/daughter day with my mom.
6. Discover new music.
7. See a band.
8. Celebrate Halloween. Dress up, carve pumkins and watch Halloween-y movies.
9. Write a handwritten letter to someone.
10. Make a 1 second every day video for 365 days (see ya in a year).
11. Visit a cat-cafe.
12. Go a month without sushi (just to show I’m not really that addicted).
13. Buy flowers for a stranger.
14. Get good at yoga.
15. Take even more pictures than I did every year before.
16. Go to Disneyland!! (Dad??)
17. Learn to make cocktails that actually taste good.
18. Learn to cook and bake more vegan things.
19. Get a face-treatment to improve my skin.
20. Visit someone (I don’t know) in the hospital.
21. Try on everything in a store and leave without buying anything (yet again to show I’m not that addicted, not to be a d*ck to the staff).
22. Make new friends in new places.
23. Road trip my own country.
24. Go on a holiday with my love.
25. Print out photo’s to put in our house.
26. Take a new portrait to put up in our house.
27. Finally start-up my youtube channel.

There you have it. 27 things while 27. I’ll check back in a year and we’ll see if I’ve met all my ‘goals’.

Now I’m off, gotta go stuff my face with cake and hug my cat (she was my birthday gift four years ago).


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